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Our Fees

At Optimal Editing, we set ourself apart by meeting with clients virtually, both before and after the editing process. 

Every non-native English writer has a different level of proficiency. As a result, the editing prices below are a general guide and are subject to change. Contact us today and provide us with a copy of your document(s) to receive a precise quote.  


Payment Method

We provide a link to Stripe, which processes all major credit and debit cards, as well as AliPay.



Editing for Academics and Professionals

For academic, legal, and other professional texts, we charge a flat fee per 1000 words. We believe that our prices, consultations, and follow-up appointments set us apart from the competition. We provide discounts on documents longer than 5000 and 10,000 words.

$45-60 USD per 1000 words

Professional Communication

We create custom plans to assist with a variety of professional needs, such as written communication and public speaking. Whether you need to write a report, provide a presentation at work, or deliver the keynote speech at a conference, we provide tailored solutions to meet your niche needs.

$30 USD per hour

General Editing

For general editing and translation editing, we quote based on how long the particular task will take to complete. As a general guide, we charge $15 for 30 minutes. After receiving your work, we can provide a detailed quote.

$15 USD per 30 minutes

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