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Editing for Academics and Professionals

For non-native English-speaking academics and professionals, it can be difficult to confirm the clarity, coherence, and accuracy of written work. We specialize in helping individuals improve their professional writing. Our editors have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by non-native English speakers and offer specialized services tailored to your unique needs:

  1. Language Enhancement: We will meticulously review your documents, refining grammar, vocabulary, verb tenses, syntax, asl well as sentence structure to ensure that your writing flows naturally and effectively communicates your ideas.

  2. ​Clarity and Coherence: We understand the importance of conveying complex concepts in a clear and concise manner. Our editor analyze the logical flow and organization of your content, and provide valuable suggestions to enhance the overall coherence of your writing.

  3. Academic Style and Formatting: Whether you're writing a research paper, thesis, or dissertation, adhering to academic style and formatting guidelines is crucial. We ensure that your references, citations, and bibliographies are consistent and accurately formatted. We discuss your project with you before we begin editing to ensure that your work is written in the appropriate tone.

  4. Confidentiality and Timeliness: We understand the importance of confidentiality and meeting deadlines. Your work will be handled with care, and we ensure prompt delivery of edited and proofread documents, allowing you to meet your submission date with confidence.

Don't let language barriers hinder the impact of your academic or professional writing. Trust our expert editing service to refine your work, enhance clarity, and improve the quality of your written communication. With our support, you can confidently present your work and let your ideas shine though.


Academic Editing

We provide comprehensive assistance to academics and professionals regarding publications and other works, including:

  • ​Manuscripts

  • Research Studies

  • Journal Articles

  • Grant Proposals

  • Professional Websites/Articles/Publications

Our editors support academics and students from a wide range of disciplines, including hard-science fields such as material and chemical engineering, life and animal sciences, biochemistry, and molecular biology.  

Document Review

Our lead editor, with experience practicing law, edits a wide range of legal and corporate documents, including:​

  • Formal Business Contracts

  • Executive Summaries & Reports

  • Discovery/Litigation Documents

How It Works


Contact Us

Contact us and email your documents to


We will reply within 24 hours to provide you with a quote, an estimated completion date, as well as a link to book a complementary virtual appointment to discuss your work. 


We Get To Work

Our experienced and detail-oriented editors review your document(s) to ensure proper grammar, punctuation, logical flow, spelling, tone, and syntax. 

We use the information provided during our consultation to make certain that your paper is written in the appropriate tone and voice.



We email your edited and proofread materials. We provide: a final copy of your document(s), a tracked-changes version, and comments from the editor regarding your writing.

We also provide a complementary 30-minute follow-up appointment to answer further questions or edit any revisions you make in the future. 


We offer simple packages depending on the length of your document(s). Please note: every non-native English writer has a different level of proficiency. As a result, the prices below are a general guide and are subject to change. Contact us today and provide us with a copy of your document(s) to receive a precise quote.  

Our fee also includes optional consultations, both before and after editing.

Less than 5000 words

We charge a flat fee of $250 or $60 per 1000 words (whichever is less). Typically, a 5000-word document is approximately 10 pages long (single-spaced, 12 font). 

More than 5000 words

We charge $50 per 1000 words ($0.05 per word).

10,000 words or more

We charge $45 per 1000 words. Typically, a 10,000-word document is approximately 20 pages long (single-spaced, 12 font). 

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